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Palm Beach Yachts

announce new model


The Àrst Eoat in the new GT Series

lineup—which will eventually include

0 anG 70It moGels, will Ee the GT50

An e[press Yersion is scheGuleG to

GeEut at the 2018 Newport Interna-

tional Boat Show in SeptemEer, anG

an open moGel will hit the Eoat

show circuit in 2019 Since launching

the EranG 25 years ago, the com-

pany haYe earneG a reputation Ior

EuilGing GriYer’s Eoats, with light-

weight construction anG an eIÀcient

hull Gesign, one oI the signature Iea-

tures is a small wake

World’s first hydrogen-powered, emissions-free yacht leaves France on

six-year world tour

The Toyota sponsoreG 98 Ioot Energy OEserYer, a Iormer sailracing catamaran, conYerteG into an eco yacht anG

powereG Ey renewaEle energies, incluGing a system that proGuces carEon Iree hyGrogen Irom seawater anG stores

it in Eatteries Ior electrical power has leIt on a mission to raise awareness oI renewaEle energy The Eoat was GesigneG

to test these technologies in e[treme conGitions Ey circumnaYigating the worlG The crew is leG Ey Victorien ErussarG,

IounGer oI the proMect, anG Jpr{me DelaIosse

Toyota Motor Europe saiG it Eecame inYolYeG Eecause hyGrogen is ´at the Yery heartµ oI the proMect It saiG

hyGrogen’s lighter weight makes the yacht 50 lighter than comparaEle Yessels that run only on Eatteries Most

Eattery powereG Yessels rely on an intermittent supply oI energy Irom lanG or sea, whereas Energy OEserYer can

access hyGrogen Irom the ocean at any time

Winnebago Acquires Chris-Craft

The purchase marks WinneEago’s entry into the marine inGustry anG

aligns with their strategic initiatiYe to Iurther GiYersiIy within the outGoor

liIestyle market, it also proYiGes a strong Ease on which to consiGer

EuilGing an aGGitional reYenue platIorm oYer time Chris CraIt will

keep the same leaGership team in Sarasota, Fl , EuilGing sternGriYe anG

outEoarG Eoats ² with 18 Eoat moGels ranging Irom 21It to 38It

Navico and C-Map Merge

The parent oI Lowrance, SimraG anG B&G saiG C Map woulG Eecome a

stanGalone EranG in the NaYico portIolio, aGGing that the companies haG

a ´shareG amEitionµ to create the ´worlG’s Eiggest Gigital marine ecosystem µ

Sean FernEack, Iormer CEO oI C Map anG now chieI technology oIÀcer oI

the NaYico Group, saiG the two companies haYe an opportunity to create

a ´seamless e[perience Ey GeYeloping an ecosystem that comEines the

Eest harGware, soItware, serYices anG applications µ