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as if I have all night yet to travel. My plan is to move

“Pollux,” a 30-foot sailing sloop, up the Mississippi from

New Orleans to Baton Rouge. At this point, I am not

sure why I am doing this, but that doesn’t matter. I am

here and I have not found any evidence of anyone

else sailing a small boat up this River and I am learning

why that may have been the case.

So, more of the same, but let’s try it in the dark…

Nice clear skies with the moon rising in the east. Not

much wind but a decent temperature and even a few

stars are beginning to break through and that turns into

millions as the sky darkens and the evening matures.

The nearly full moon should be of some help in night





- How’s that work?…

By Gerry Laster



lights on, steaming light on,

all instruments are illuminated

with backlighting, and my spotlight is connected and

kept close at hanG with a Yariety oI Áashlights in my

pockets. I run through dusk and into the night in a pos-

sibly treacherous part of this river. Of course, such an

observation or comparative description assumes there

might be some part of the river that is NOT treacherous.

Shoals, currents, and boats everywhere with a constant

line of shoreline lights are both disorienting and confusing,

at best.

My trip, that couldn’t be done, continues on. I had

hoped to have been to Baton Rouge by this point at

the end of three days of travel. I am not and it looks


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