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The most popular anchor style is the Danforth, or

´ÁukeGµ type, which has a high holGing power to

weight ratio The relatiYely lightweight anchors rest

Áat on the Eottom until tension Irom the anchor line

Iorces the Áukes GownwarG, where they Gig into the

Eottom The EroaG stock at the crown preYents the

anchor Irom Áipping oYer anG Gragging

The DanIorth’s holGing power in a Yariety oI Eottom

types, incluGing muG, sanG anG clay is gooG HoweYer,

oYer grass or rock coYereG Eottoms, the Áukes may

skip oYer the Eottom or collect weeGs or muG, preYenting

them Irom Gigging into the Eottom Ior a Àrm holG

eYenwith theproper amount oI scope In thoseconGitions,

you neeG to weigh anchor anG either stow the DanIorth

anG try another type or moYe the Eoat to Eetter Eottom

anG giYe the DanIorth anchor another try


neeG to haYe the eTuipment

anG know how necessary to

securely anchor their watercraIt in place In Iact, the

aEility to properly anchor a Eoat in an emergency

situation is so important that most states reTuire aGeTuate

grounG tackle Ee aEoarG all recreational water

craIt Any Eoater who has IaceG a situation when

the aEility to anchor their craIt meant the GiIIerence

Eetween a momentary Gistraction anG an all out Gisaster

unGerstanGs why

Anchors use a comEination oI weight anG shape to

holG the Eoat to which they are attacheG in position

The Eest comEination oI Eoth Ieatures Ior a particular

anchoring situation GepenGs upon the composition

oI the Eottom, Ee it muG, sanG, rock, wooG,

grass or graYel



Capt. Dan Armitage

Dan Armitage is a popular Ireelance Eoating anG outGoor writer,

photographer anG raGio show host who presents Eoating anG Àshing

programs at Eoat sport anG traYel shows nationally


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